TOP RATED Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam Cleaner for Stain removal, carpets, curtains, bed bug control, car seats and more UK PLUG

TOP RATED Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam Cleaner for Stain removal, carpets, curtains, bed bug control, car seats and more UK PLUG
  • HUGE DEAL ONLY FOR THIS WEEKEND. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 63% OFF!!!! AMAZON MOST WISHED steam cleaner, All-natural 100 percent chemical free deep cleaning with this multi-purpose handheld steamer; removes grime, grease, mold, stains indoor and outdoor; works well in kitchen, bathroom, closet, patio, garage and vehicles, even can work as a steamer to remove wrinkles from garments
  • Emits pressurized powerful hot steam continuously for up to 15-20 minutes; cleans and sanitizes a variety of surfaces, including, carpets, counters, floors, fabrics and vehicles. Steam Cleaner handheld is pressurized steam cleaner is tough on germs easy to handheld.
  • Easy use; lightweight and handheld with 9.5 feet power cord for easy mobility. Effective to solve bed bug problem, it is the best steam cleaner for bed bugs.
  • Includes FREE 9 ACCESSORIES: Flexible extension hose, Long spray nozzle, Door/window nozzle, Door/window nozzle plate, Bent spray nozzle, Round brush nozzle, Funnel, Measuring cup and Towel sleeve
  • Holds 8 ounces of water; 2-3 minute warm-up time. ORDER IT NOW. Don’t miss this! EXTRA 63% OFF. Money Back Guarantee for 30 days. 100% FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

AMAZON TOP RATED STEAM CLEANER. GREAT WEEKEND PROMOTION. This powerful steam cleaner is capable of handling the toughest jobs in the bathroom, kitchen, shop or anywhere else grease, grime, dirt and mold accumulate. It’s great at lifting and removing stains from carpets, draperies or bed spreads. You can even clean your mattress to prevent or kill bed bugs. It also has powerful window cleaning action. The multi-purpose unit comes with nine accessories that make it versatile at handling different tasks, including steaming wrinkles out of your clothes. Light weight and easy to use, the Comforday Handheld Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner is a chemical-free way to keep your home healthy and clean.


– Extended connecting spray nozzle for extending reach
– Long spray nozzle directing the cleaning action to hard to reach areas
– General spray nozzle for all your steam clean tasks
– Spray nozzle for doors and windows makes cleaning a breeze
– Round brush nozzle for spot cleaning
– Bent spray nozzle for cleaning corners and crevasses
– Brush plate and towel sleeve for flat surfaces
How It Works

Choose your attachments based on the task at hand. Measure and add the water using the cup and funnel provided. With the press of a button heat the water to a high temperature for powerful steam cleaning action. Clean your home, windows, car and shop without the use of harmful chemicals.

To kill bed bugs, use the long spray nozzle to get into crevasses of your mattress, box spring, couch, chairs and corners. Use the general spray nozzle with the cloth covering to clean the flat surfaces.

About Comforday

Comforday is a North American brand committed to creating healthy and innovative products that improve the home environment.FREE DELIVERY ALL OVER UK. GET IT NOW.

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