Oase Pondovac Start Pond Vacuum

Oase Pondovac Start Pond Vacuum
  • Bestselling, highly effective sludge vacuum with powerful 1400 watt motor
  • Automatic activation and emptying through intelligent device control
  • Includes 4 metres suction hose and 2 metres discharge hose and a range of interchangeable heads
  • 2 year guarantee

Compact construction with large 27 Litre capacity tank. Can also be used indoors.

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Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum (2016 Model)

Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum (2016 Model)
  • Two chamber system means non-stop cleaning
  • 2.4m suction depth
  • High performance 1700w with optimised blade geometry
  • Hand regulator and transparent suction tube for easily adjusting the suction power
  • Robust aluminium suction tubes + 5 nozzle attachments for ultimate versatility; special string algae nozzle, universal nozzle – wide, wet suction nozzle, brush nozzle, area nozzle with rollers and brush

The Pondovac 4 (2016) from quality German brand Oase makes cleaning your pond of sludge, fish waste, rotting vegetation and other sediment easy and hassle-free. It has two cylinders that are filled and emptied in alternating cycles, meaning that (unlike previous vacuums) you don’t have to stop and empty the vacuum. The waste debris and dirty water flows through a discharge pipe which you can aim either down the drain or onto your flowerbeds (it makes really good fertilizer!). Alternatively you can return the water to your pond by attaching the included debris collection bag to the discharge hose and positioning this within your pond. The debris collection bag will filter the water and retain the debris which can then be disposed of later. 

Designed by Oase in Germany, the new 2016 Pondovac 4 makes the previously time consuming task of vacuuming your pond quick and easy. It has been made with practicality in mind: the transport handle and wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around your garden and it is easy and compact to store. The extendable handle allows you to reach different depths up to 2.4m deep and the nozzle enables you to pick up solids ranging from 2mm up to 10mm. 5 nozzles are also included.

Includes a 3 Year Oase Guarantee (2 years + 1 extra year when you fill in the card provided)

Dimensions – Length 415mm, Width 435mm, Height 765mm

Lowest Price: £299.99
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