Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Machine “Gutter Sucker”

Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Machine
  • 1 x Flexi Goose Neck
  • 1 x Gutter end too
  • 1 x Crevice Tool
  • 1 x Dirt Breaker
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Sucks gutters clean from the safety of the ground The traditional method of removing debris from gutters was a perilous ascent up a ladder to scoop muck from the gutters using one handwhile balancing on the ladder with the other. We are delighted to say that this dangerous activity is now a thing ofthe past with Gutter Sucker, utilising a powerful (3X1000 Watt Motors) wet and dry vacuum with super lightweight, super strong carbon fibre poles gutter clearance can now be achieved with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Blocked gutters will stop the flow of water this water will build up and it will want to go somewhere usually finding it’s way into the building itself causing very expensive repairs, blockages can build up anywhere in gutters usually in the most awkward of places to reach for example over conservatories this is no problem for Gutter Sucker with the super lightweight carbon fibre poles access is gained withease and provides a cost effective solution to gutter clearance. Carbon fibre poles Quality is measured by the Carbon quantity and Gutter Sucker Poles have a 30% Carbon fibre content.This gives us three major advantages strength, rigidity and lightness each 1.5 metre (5ft) pole only weighs 390 grams. Important factors,especially when cleaning at height over long periods. Weight saving – The carbon pole sections are up to 2.5 times lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections making them feel much lighter to manoeuvre around This weight saving converts into less muscle fatigue.

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