5-in-1 Steam Cleaner; Floor and Carpet Cleaner

5-in-1 Steam Cleaner; Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • Floor cleaner – Glass cleaner – cleaner for carpets – Spray glass cleaner – Portable Vaporizer
  • Little steam ; 2 medium Steam ; 3 – Strong steam ; 4 – Steam more drops of water to wash
  • super light , weighing only 2 KG

The steam mop is the revolutionary new broom 5 in 1, the most sold in the world! The steam mop cleans, disinfects and deodorizes without the use of chemicals or detergents any material, surface and object using only the normal tap water ! the steam mop is simple to use and allows you to degrease, sanitize and remove stains with steam throughout the house so fast and easy: ceramic, stone, linoleum, parquet, wood, steel, flooring, glass, rugs, carpets, clothes , children’s games, etc. The unique triangular design of its head also allows the steam mop to reach and vaporize all corners and tight spaces of casa.La steam mop is not only effective on the dirt-encrusted, but removes 100% of bacteria and mites dust! With its versatility, practicality and lightness with its only 2 kg in weight, it is the only steam mop 5 in 1 that in a moment turns into: -Pulitore floor; -Pulitore For carpets; -Pulitore Glass; -Vaporizzatore Glass; -Vaporizzatore Laptop. Thanks to the power of steam at 100 ° and its accessories, the steam mop cleans and polishes all surfaces captures dust, mites and exterminates bacteria, removes dirt, soap stains and limestone from windows, glass and mirrors, and refreshes and enlivens any garment and fabric. The steam mop is equipped with: 1-Cloth Microfiber Cloth 2-for-3 glass cleaning cloth for garments 4-cloth dust-5 kit for window cleaning 6-Collect powder for clothes (reversible ) 7-nozzle for the jet 8-Accessory for carpet steam pipe 9-extendable 10-Brush nylon brush-metal 12 11 Glass-regulator. N.B .: When you first use may occur leakage of water droplets, due to imperfect thermic stabilization inside the sheath.

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