12 Volt Car Vacuum Cleaner

12 Volt Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Sunncamp 12v Vacuum Cleaner is a useful accessory for the car or motorhome, as you can hoover up crumbs and dirt without the need for an extension cable to the mains.


Can also be used to make sure your tent is nice and clean before packing up, especially if you have a 12v extension lead (3m lead fitted).


This can also be used (with an empty, clean dust container) as an inflator for kayaks, rafts, dinghies, airbeds, toys and other inflatables.


  • Includes a variety of nozzle attachments including upholstery brush
  • 3m cable
  • 1m flexible suction tube
  • Wet or dry pick-up

24 x 21 x 20 cm

Lowest Price: £9.95
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